Smart entrepreneurship based on correct figures

A good entrepreneur sees and exploits opportunities. The figures of your company are an important pillar.  The attestation of the true and fair view of the annual accounts of the company and the not-for-profit organisation is the main task of a registered auditor.  

We execute our audit assignments as a statutory auditor in accordance with the Code of Companies and Associations. The role of the statutory auditor extends beyond the statutory audit assignment: we also conduct an assessment of the business and fraud risks and of the internal control procedures of the company and we advise the entrepreneur on important steps, such as acquisitions, reorganisations, new activities,....

Due diligence assignments

A due diligence investigation or examination of the accounts is requested in case of business acquisitions. We identify the risks of the acquisition target during this investigation, in the fields of accounting, tax and social law. This will enable the acquirer to get a better view on the strengths, threats and opportunities of the company that he wants to acquire. We also advise the acquirer on the preparation of the Asset or Share Purchase Agreement, the structure and tax consequences of the acquisition and the negotiations on the purchase price.

Valuations of companies

You want to know the value of your business or the shares of your company because you are looking to transfer the company to the next generation, want to buy-out a minority shareholder, restructure internally, sell your shares to third parties, etc.  We advise the entrepreneur on the value of the company or of the shares, taking into account the future perspectives, possible optimisations, distinction between real estate and business,.....

Once the value is established, you are able to optimise it further. You have gained insight in the elements influencing the value. This allows you to make a proper assessment of the feasibility of a sale and the tax consequences of a transfer.

Legal assignments

The legal assignments are reserved for registered auditors and accountants like us.

Are you facing a reorganisation of your company?

In the event of mergers or demergers we report on the determination of the share exchange ratio.  

We report on the balance sheet submitted to the general meeting of shareholders in case of conversion of the company into another legal form.  

We report on the valuation method the entrepreneur wants to apply for a contribution in kind.

We take care of the audit report when your company needs to be dissolved.

Assistance in the field of corporate law

Corporate law acknowledges six types of companies, namely a partnership, CV, BV, NV, VOF and a limited partnership. Van Herck & Co is familiar with all rights and obligations of each form and is therefore able to provide professional assistance.

Contractual assignments

We can also execute a wide variety of ontractual assignments, such as attestations on behalf of subsidizing governments, limited reviews of annual accounts for SMEs, investigation and assessment of the administrative organisation and internal control procedures, creditworthiness examinations on behalf of banks, etc.